Prepare Your Speech Properly: Funny Speech Topics

Since the advent of public speaking, the activity has gained momentum and transformed into a form of art. The communication is no more rigid, and the freedom of thought is looser. A considerable issue that encouraged the changes is difficult to find, as it was a set of reasons that managed to set the ball rolling. First of all, with the advent of the digital era, we now have the chance to experience more convenient communication. However, the appearance of technical novelties does not form the basis for such a vivid jump in public speaking. People are fed up with formality, and it is present in everything from conversations to clothes and behavior that we use when delivering a message. 

It is not a surprise that the manner of delivering a speech will be fully dependent on the kind of event and the people who you talk to. However, being less serious and having the ability to talk in a funny manner is a priority skill for a public speaker. Moreover, when you know the right time to tell a joke without ruining the moment, you will be considered a professional. This is a winning strategy if you know how to introduce a joke properly. It will release tension and make the atmosphere relaxed. 

You Should Be Humorous in Particular Cases 

When we hear about a speech, we start recollecting the definition. In general, we associate speech with serious and dull information delivered in a calm and emotionless voice to the audience for a particular purpose. Usually, speakers underestimate the power that simple humor can give them. A good joke is an effective method to build links with the listeners and win their attention. With the help of funny stories, you can create a positive image of your own personality and make others listen to you. Moreover, telling jokes can make you feel less nervous, but more comfortable with your speech. 

In fact, there are lots of cases when a speech is needed. Thus, one can observe a variety of public speeches.

Persuasive speech

You can guess that persuasive speech appeals directly to the audience and asks for appropriate feedback. The speaker is responsible for the core idea of his or her message and the way it will be interpreted by the listener. The main goal is to convince the audience and convey the message so that most of the listeners will accept the vision of the author. In fact, giving a persuasive speech, you operate with hard facts and arguments, but here we still have some room for emotions. Everything is optional and depends on the situation, but introducing funny topics can, for sure, save the speech.

Motivational speech

Here you can have no fear to incorporate funny topics for discussion, as motivational speech aims at inspiring the listener by all means.

Commemorative speeches

When we talk about ceremonial speeches, we take into account that they are dedicated to serious and important events. Usually, these events are meant to pay tribute to a particular person, idea, place, or community. You can also come across this kind of speech when graduating from college. 

Expository speech

Here your task is to discuss an idea deeply and shed light into the essence behind it. Funny topics are usually set aside when you need to give exhaustive feedback considering the issue.

Demonstrative speech

This kind of speech is meant to teach the audience and provide them with clear guidance to help complete a particular task. Usually, funny topics, as well as possible, fit the situation. 

Being Funny Can Harm the Listener If the Moment Is Inappropriate 

To be frank, if you are sure of your success and consider the situation appropriate, you can insert a humorous remark in each of the above-mentioned cases. Moreover, being less serious at the end of the talk will only enhance performance. 

Actually, when your speech is restricted to curios requirements, and you do not have enough place for imagination, funny topics will only harm your performance. When you are pressed for time, have exact timing, or work with delicate moral issues, being funny maybe not the best choice and can definitely ruin everything. 

You should also pay attention to the cultural discourse, as in many societies, jokes are not acceptable in some cases. 

Prompts to Make Your Speech Perfect 

Managing with funny speech topics may seem easy at first, but if you still need some help with the task, make sure to take a closer look at the following tips. 

  • Choose the right topic. 

In the next sections of our research, we will present you with an exhaustive list of topics for every taste. Try to find the theme that resonates with your feelings and the purpose of your message. This way, you will feel comfortable writing about the issue. 

  • Pay attention to your target listeners

Despite the topic of your speech, you should consider the audience to whom you are going to give a speech. It is a mandatory requirement when you have a desire to introduce a joke or make the conversation less monotonous and official. To find the best way of presenting funny topics you need to know your audience. Research the situation and consider every detail before giving the speech.

  • Be inventive 

It might be helpful for every speech that you deliver. When you develop the right behavioral strategies and look for the best patterns of speaking, you are the winner. You know how to draw attention and make people follow your train of thought. To learn more, you can go and watch various comedian shows where experts demonstrate the best qualities that every performer should possess. 

  • Seek support from a friend

To make sure that your funny topic is a worthy one, you need to get honest feedback. The most proven way to do it is by performing your speech to another person. Humor may be perceived differently. It is a controversial issue, and you need to make sure that your jokes are mostly acceptable and lead to a positive response. 

  • Practice makes perfect

It does not matter whether you master the speech in front of someone or standing in an empty room alone. To gain mastery, you have to know the speech perfectly. Thus, the only way is constant practice until you are satisfied with the result.

Take Some Inspiration from Our List of Funny Speech Topics 

If you need some inspiration to choose a funny speech topic, you have come to the right place. Here we have compiled a list of topics for your speech. 

Persuasive funny topics

  1. These are children who can benefit from marriage. 
  2. Can you prove that cats consider people to be their slaves?
  3. Squirrels are smarter than we think.
  4. Should we be afraid of stupid villains?
  5. Being a driver, do not forget that you were a pedestrian too. 

Informative funny topics 

  1. Why do we always think that on the other side, the grass is greener?
  2. Can you think of a few situations when you do not have to turn the other cheek?
  3. Why do we use a shampoo that irritates the eyes, if there is a shampoo that does not?
  4. Elaborate on modern art, and its confusing way of interpreting reality.
  5. When you die, you feel nothing, but these are your friends who suffer. The same happens when you are stupid. 

Topics to get attention 

  1. Try to respond to your spam email, and you will be surprised.
  2. You do need the talent to annoy others. 
  3. You do wrong when removing your birth date on Facebook and then take offense on others for not congratulating you. 
  4. With the advent of the robotic era, human beings will become lazier than ever. 
  5. Your couple will have fewer risks to divorce if you see each other once or twice a week. 

Inspirational topics 

  1. You can be wise enough to know it, but young enough to embody. 
  2. When you pretend that you like to spend time with children, you are praised with a bonus to play with their toys. 
  3. Being a client doesn’t give you an edge: you are not always right. 
  4. Need to test a person’s character? Look at his or her reaction when the Internet connection is low. It is priceless. 
  5. Don’t know when to start? Start now! 

Topics for any occasion 

  1. Procrastination as a way to find like-minded people. 
  2. Want to go to hell? Be honest with everyone. 
  3. Be original and unique: turn the baseball cap around. 
  4. Find another way to a man’s heart. He knows how to cook, as well. 
  5. You will not feel embarrassed by the news if you turn off the TV.