Illustration Essay: Best Ideas

An illustration essay is a type of assignment where a student creates a picture in the reader’s mind, delivering the message more effectively. Such a type of paper encourages students to utilize fresh ideas when they have to pay more attention to the investigation process and provide the reader with supportive arguments. Writing an illustration essay, a student learns how to assemble and find proper materials for writing.

What Is the Illustration Essay?

           It is actually a type of writing, which target is that a certain thing acts and exists in a definite way. Another name of the illustration essay is an exemplification essay. Composing such an essay, the writer summarizes empirical information and includes its definition. In other words, you shouldn’t discover something brand new. Just make a summary of experiences, provide vivid examples, clarifying the problem. Use supporting facts for the reader is able to imagine those situations. You will have to explain with the help of examples. For instance, you may use experiences, situations, and people to make a problem more related to real life.

Guide to Compose the Illustration Essay

  • Choose a good topic.

          Brainstorm to generate good ideas to pick up the best topic for your illustration essay. Think about the things which bother you. Think about the way of interpretation of the examples and images. 

  • Do some research.

           Check out for the related pieces of news regarding the topic. Do it even if you feel you know everything about the topic. 

  • Compose an outline.

          Jot down the main ideas and points. Note as many examples as you can. Pick the best ones to illustrate. Make sure your outline consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

  • Elaborate content.

          Transform your outline in a proper paper. Generate a strong thesis statement. Make sure the introduction includes a catchy hook to draw the reader’s attention. Explain a certain example in each of the body paragraphs. Summarize the main ideas in the conclusion.

  • Proofread and edit.

          Check the paper for plagiarism. Make sure it is genuine and contains no mistakes. Ensure the paper is readable, reading it out loud. check whether the paper answers to all the questions and is interesting.

How to Find Evidence and Inspiration

         There is plenty of data about various topics available online. However, the abundance of information might make the process of choosing 3 or 4 examples difficult. It is recommended to find good sources of ideas and examples.  

            Media is one of the biggest sources. For instance, you may check the accounts of celebrities, friends, or colleagues, find a quote in a book, or read an article. Besides, you may get inspiration from everyday life. Just have a conversation with someone, walk, go to a supermarket, paying attention to the things that surround you. To be more precise, you may pick up the ideas for the illustration essay on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, and more. Also, it is a good idea to glance over articles, books, newspapers, or magazines online.  

Tips How to Compose the Best Illustration Essay

  • Gather pieces of evidence. 

          When you want to write a four-paragraph essay, you will need four illustrations. However, you can make a list of six and more examples. when you have a choice to select, you may pick the most intriguing, interesting, and fascinating ideas not to lack in arguments.

  • Keep essay short.

           In most cases, the essay size is limited according to the requirements. If it is not, it will be better not to write more than 3 pages. Select the most illustrative pieces of evidence to highlight your main idea.

  • Utilize specific examples.

          No symbolism is allowed in such a type of essay. All the examples must be shocking, vivid, and straightforward. You should trigger the emotional response, be memorable, and impress your reader. You may utilize your personal experience too. Examples must be targeted at your reader and appropriate. 

  • Incorporate transitional words and phrases.

           To better transition, you may use such phrases as “to illustrate”, “for example”, “furthermore”, “another instance of”, “in other words”, “here are a few examples”, “also”. The more transitions you utilize, the better the reader understands the sense of the essay. 

Basic Illustration Paper Structure

         The main sections of the illustration essay are the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The main idea of your paper is represented in the introduction. So, firstly, you will need to introduce the topic. There must be a catchy hook to draw the reader’s attention and make them interested. For instance, you may add a real-life situation, anecdote, statistics, interesting fact, or inspirational quote. Then move to a thesis statement, which is the main point of your paper. Use supporting pieces of evidence. 

          Body paragraphs must illustrate and explain the pieces of evidence. These components are necessary to be in each paragraph:

  • Topic sentence (the main idea of each paragraph).
  • Background sentence (a part where the illustrations are included).
  • Research sentence (a part where the idea is explained in detail).
  • Analysis (a part which explains the relation of your thesis and topic).
  • Conclusion (summary of the idea).

           The conclusion must restate the main idea of the essay. No new data is allowed to be included in the conclusion. Its target is to summarize the main facts and ideas. It may also include a call-to-action and provide the reader with some food for thought. 

50 Topics for the Most Outstanding Illustration Essay

  1. Suggest the ways how to deal with the annoying people in a dormitory.
  2. Tell why some sports teams might be underrated.
  3. Explain why it is tough to cooperate in fast-food restaurants.
  4. Illustrate how the fashion designer produces a clothing line.
  5. What will you do when your relationships with fellow employees are not exactly that good?
  6. What does it take for the teacher to get prepared for the classes every day?
  7. How do you deal with the violence on TV? How does it influence children?
  8. Describe the issue of global warming.
  9. Does the minimum drinking age assist to reduce the number of teenagers who are consuming alcohol?
  10.  What are the legalizing drugs’ consequences?
  11.  How to keep in touch with your friends after you graduate or if you study in another country.
  12.  Describe the challenges of the student through the educational process.
  13.  Ideas on how you can plan the budget for the students living on campus.
  14.  Tell about the specific college ritual which exists in the community you live in.
  15.  The police use racial profiling against the minorities to purpose them for the random searches or define them being suspects in various types of crimes.
  16.  Tell what you have not adjusted to the college environment.
  17.  Mega-retailers leave no room for the small businesses.
  18.  Climate is changing around the globe.
  19.  Candidates who win the presidential elections are the richest.
  20.  Companies that are involved in the IT industry tend to discriminate against female employees. They promote them to seniors less often than male employees. also, they offer lower wages to them and ignore their mother’s rights.
  21.  The right to possess concealed weapons has prevented a lot of tragedies.
  22.  The portrayal of violence in numerous modern movies, video games, television shows, and applications makes youth get involved in various types of criminal activity.
  23.  Advanced nations don’t let families of more than 3 members guarantee the decreasing rates of the rise in the economy and population growth. 
  24.  Why is it better to rule a country?
  25.  Describe the consequences of the legalization of concealed weapons.
  26.  What is the major role of the language in a country’s life?
  27.  Describe the importance of education for females.
  28.  Why do developed countries experience declining birth rates?
  29.  Explain why artificial intelligence might be dangerous.
  30.  What are the cons of scientific and technological development?
  31.  Describe the influence and impact of social media.
  32.  Are the richest people happier?
  33.  Is the inability of modern children to study and memorize the major issue of our century?
  34.  Explain the advantages and disadvantages of student exchange programs.
  35.  Describe rugby as the huge sports game in the US and its difference from some other sports.
  36.  How to prepare for the baseball game? Struggles and challenges of a player.
  37.  What is it like to be the pro player in reserve?
  38.  Ideas on how to prepare for the first day in a sport’s team and the initial game.
  39.  Illegal immigrants contribute positively to the well-being of the countries they live in.
  40.  Learning to swim: a learning guide.
  41.  Does a positive attitude prolong people’s lives?
  42.  Can we believe the history books that have been rewritten a number of times?
  43.  Is there a connection between the reduction in the number of religious people and a boost in the number of divorces?
  44.  Routine tasks destroy people’s personality and creativity.
  45.  The lack of empathy is one of the most massive issues of humanity.
  46.  Domestic abuse – the possible reasons why it is very common nowadays.
  47.  Are the less technologically addicted children more intelligent?
  48.  People are becoming more of self-centered these days
  49.  The role of commercial ads in people’s lives. How do they impact us?
  50.  An ordinary day of a waitress, marketing manager, accountant, or janitor.