The Specific of Narrative Essay Writing

Narrative essays are, usually, the stories. They are to include characters, conflict, and plot. It means that the students should submit a narrative essay based on their personal experiences. Therefore, selecting the proper topic for a narrative essay is very important since it may influence the student’s grade. The good narrative essay must be engaging and able to draw the reader’s attention, involving them in the events. 

How to Select the Best Narrative Essay Topic?

          First of all, it is recommended to choose the topic you feel the most passionate about. For example, you may take this topic from a certain event in your life which you remember very well. What is more, you may include several events from your life into the narrative essay. 

          Secondly, you may write about things which seem meaningful to you. It is impossible to capture the reader’s attention if you don’t care about the topic. For instance, you may utilize the episodes from your summer vacations, childhood, hard decisions, school, parties, holidays, etc. 

           Note that narrative essays must include only true facts. The narrative essay is not a fiction story so no imagined experiences are to be present there. also, your topic should be original and creative. It has to be written in an understandable way and be readable. So we recommend reading the text out loud before you finish writing the essay to correct the possible mistakes.  

Tips on Generating Narrative Essays

  • Prewrite.

           Before you write the essay, think about the event which is related to your class. Note that if you choose the proper topic, it will affect your score. As soon as you choose the topic, identify all the details and events which you want to include in your essay story. Create a proper outline of your paper.

  • Be clear.

           It will be better not to use complex words because they might scare the readers. Select the simple words to describe the events in your story. Besides, divide all the ideas, putting each one into a certain paragraph. Make sure each statement and description is vivid. This is how to make readers engaged with your story.

  • Use the first person.

           The main idea in writing a narrative essay is to provide the readers with a story from your autobiography. It supposes writing from the 1st person. If you do it, it will enable you to present the events as if they are happening at the same moment. 

  • Edit your essay.

            Revise your paper as soon as you write it. Doing this, you might remove certain events from the story or add more of them. Revising, you may ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the story draw the reader’s attention?
  • Is the transition between the events smooth or not?
  • Is the narrative interesting to read?
  • Are all the events and characters in the essay vivid?
  • Is the main message of the story clear for the reader?

Topics for a Personal Narrative Essay:

  1. A memorable teacher.
  2. The day you encountered a natural disaster or assisted other people who have had such an experience
  3. Beginning a new job.
  4. Gaining or losing faith
  5. The experience of little inventions which you have made
  6. A dangerous life experience
  7. My most memorable school years
  8. My childhood years
  9. My family traditions
  10.  My travel experience
  11.  How I maintain relationships
  12.  My experience of living in a hostel
  13.  A conflict with someone else
  14.  An experience which has changed your behavior
  15.  The first another country journey 
  16.  A time people assisted each other in a difficult situation.
  17.  Funny episodes grounded on a misunderstanding
  18.  Episodes taken from a summer holiday in your childhood
  19.  Episodes that changed your point of view about other people
  20.  The experience of secret places creating or other things which refer to your childhood
  21.  Life as a college student
  22.  The major events that shaped my life
  23.  The first novel that I read
  24.  How computer literacy has helped me
  25.  How I survived my first speech
  26.  Why I enjoy mountain climbing
  27.  The worst day of my life
  28.  My first time abroad
  29.  An experience that assisted you to understand and perceive that other people or parents were right
  30.  An experience of losing the prejudiced views since the behavior of other people influenced you
  31.  An experience when you have overcome the fear of specific things
  32.  Funny episodes with much greater meaning
  33.  A time when you have decided what the future job must be
  34.  An embarrassing life experience
  35.  The special moment when you have got the first pet
  36.  What makes me stand out
  37.  What I wish I knew back then
  38.  Things my parents taught me
  39.  Have you ever felt a need to impress others?
  40.  What I would do with a billion dollars
  41.  What I could change in the history of mankind
  42.  Losing a close friend
  43.  The first time when you encountered a big storm or even a hurricane
  44.  A time when you have got lost
  45.  An experience you have had with another person who you did not like first, but who have later become the best friend
  46.  Experience of attending certain sports, political or music events
  47.  A sporting life experience
  48.  How you encountered episodes that influenced the whole country
  49.  A moment when the individuals who you underestimated, have acted wisely or kindly
  50.  My favorite childhood stories
  51.  How I relax after a long day
  52.  What my first day at school felt like
  53.  My favorite subjects in middle school
  54.  Things I would do if I became famous
  55.  My greatest accomplishments
  56.  How I overcame my greatest fear
  57.  Rebellion against your parents who you did not agree with
  58.  A time when you have realized that you have been wrong about others 
  59.  Your childhood years heroes and how they have influenced your life
  60.  A time when you have realized that other people wished to be like you
  61.  A moment when you have realized the truth that has been hidden from you
  62.  Tell about your most exciting experience which is related to the music you have had 
  63.  Tell about your teacher who has inspired you
  64.  Things I love about myself
  65.  My first short story
  66.  My favorite musician
  67.  Things I do to relieve stress
  68.  My first relationship
  69.  People who have an impact on my life
  70.  How I handle depression
  71.  A situation when you have got a present which you didn’t like on the birthday
  72.  A time when you have changed your point of view about younger or older generations
  73.  The most influential things which you had learned in the childhood
  74.  Moments when you have faced religious and racial discrimination
  75.  An episode that has changed the relationship with the parents
  76.  Experience of your fighting against procrastination
  77.  A situation when you have called the police to save other people
  78.  My favorite activities
  79.  The worst argument in my life
  80.  The role of social media in my life
  81.  Places I wish to visit
  82.  My favorite family vacation
  83.  Why I like camping
  84.  My role model
  85.  The day when you have become a leader
  86.  School lessons which had the biggest influence on the behavior
  87.  The day when you have realized that the world is definitely bigger than you had imagined
  88.  The influence of modern technology on your hobbies and behavior
  89.  Experience in dilemma solving
  90.  The moment when you have found out that you would like to have a sibling
  91.  The most exciting tasks that you performed at university or school
  92.  How you have written your first essay
  93.  My favorite childhood memory
  94.  The first time I argued with my best friend
  95.  My favorite activities with my friends
  96.  How I can change the world
  97.  My first heartbreak
  98.  How I maintain my relationship with my family
  99.  Things I could tell my younger self
  100. The most important principle in life

What You Shouldn’t Do Writing a Narrative Essay:

  • You choose not an interesting and appealing topic. Remember, if you are not interested in the topic, no one else will be either.
  • There is no structure in the text or the text is unreadable. 
  • You haven’t included your personal experience in the essay.
  • You haven’t used details or attractive words to describe your characters.
  • There is no personal attitude to the story and no conclusions, representing the message.


           Most college and high school students are required to write a narrative essay. Therefore, it is very important for them to select the right topic when writing such an essay because their score depends on it. When you choose the topic you are interested in, other people will also be interested in it too. So choose the best topic which resonates with your priorities in life. Note that the process of choosing the right topic might be also interesting and fun.