What Is Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice is a set of traditions and practices, concentrated on control of crime deterioration, social behaviors, and also restraint of people who refuse to obey the law. There are many students who study law nowadays. Each student is supposed to write a paper on criminal justice topic, which he or she might find to be rather challenging and exhausting. Therefore, we prepared a list of criminal justice essay topics to help each student enjoy the process of writing an essay. 

How to Select a Good Topic?

          Even if your assignment is to critique law enforcement or do a literature review, you should always concentrate on a definite problem. Therefore, you are to make a clear thesis statement. Criminology topics are both limited and flexible since they must offer a hypothesis, grounded on famous case studies and legislative acts. So it is recommended to choose a topic you feel you are confident in. If the topic sounds credible, the audience will continue to read your paper. 

Criminal Justice Research Topics

         Here you will find a list of criminal justice research topics on how the judicial system operates. It is such an investigation where each mechanism is evaluated and analyzed for pros and cons. Each topic supposes you to create an interesting and impressive thesis statement. Below you may check out the most engaging and interesting criminal justice research topics:

  1. The main issues of the USA’s prison systems
  2. The rational choice and deterrence theory
  3. How workplace and school sexual offenders might be punished according to the law?
  4. Why do the men receive capital punishment twice more often than women?
  5. Principles of prevention of crime
  6. Considering ransom and kidnapping cases, find the common features, behavior style, and criminals’ motifs
  7. How do professionals realize that a person has fired off accidentally or deliberately?
  8. A legal cyber-crime perspective 
  9. Review of laws about parental abduction 
  10.  Mass media, justice, and crime
  11.  What is the difference between homicide and murder? Cite cases and what is the way they overlap?
  12.  Relationship between people with mental health illnesses and crime. Provide a vivid example
  13.  How can the marginalized communities own swift access to justice? Why is it important for them to get access to justice?
  14.  Rape or date rape. Research the characteristics and their legal aspects; It might be also the best to figure out the consent within an essay and narrate the way victims seeking legal assistance.
  15.  Robbery. Generate the essay about the components and types of the robbery; add your example if you are able. 
  16.  Why the due process is important? Cite the legal case.
  17.  Substance abuse. You might focus your investigation on the substance abuse in adults or youth. 
  18.  Fire and arson investigation. How do the fire researchers discover if the fire has been started accidentally or deliberately? Make sure to investigate the important role of fire researchers.
  19.  The criminal justice court inner workings. Be sure to define its objectives and importance — remain as comprehensive as you can.
  20.  Ransom and kidnapping. Cite a vivid case example. 
  21.  Police corruption: From the Victorian era to today
  22.  A history of the police corruption: Times of the Colonial era
  23.  Social and policing order
  24.  Criminal justice ethics and police ethics
  25.  Military and police recruitment
  26.  Police corruption: The most recent cases
  27.  The militarization of the USA police forces
  28.  The establishment of the police in the USA
  29.  Funding for the police departments: For and against
  30.  Cases of the police brutality
  31.  Criminal Justice Changes in Reforms
  32.  Incarcerated Responsibilities of Parents
  33.  Gun Control Debating
  34.  How Can Economic Crimes Be Eliminated?
  35.  Human Trafficking via Combat Methods
  36.  Juvenile Detention of the Criminal Process
  37.  Power Abuse Among the Police Officers Analysis
  38.  Organized Crime and Single Cases
  39.  Criminal Justice Laws in Arizona
  40.  Can the Stricter Laws Make the Gun Possession Safer?
  41.  Wildlife crime and the way it can be prevented
  42.  The experimental criminology
  43.  How is the jury selection made?
  44.  Discuss Arizona (1966) versus Miranda and their impact today
  45.  Organized corruption and crime relationship
  46.  The felon disenfranchisement
  47.  Prison violence and rape 
  48.  The victim services
  49.  What is forensic science? Describe their functions and role
  50.  The juvenile recidivism
  51.  Capital punishment and the death penalty in the USA’s justice system. Is it efficient in the prevention of crime? Justify your answers.
  52.  Reform vs. Rehab. Is one more efficient than the other one? Be confirmed to go into deep detail.
  53.  Police shootings: Investigation cases of the police shooting in the country you live and try to define the common denominator in each cause.
  54.  The law and insanity. Be sure to view insanity from the legal perspective.
  55.  Carrying the concealed weapon. Research of the cases of concealed weapons and the criminal codes within certain states. 
  56.  Prisoners who were granted a right to work. A human and legal rights perspective. 
  57.  Prison violence and rape. Cite the statistics to make your investigation more credible.
  58.  Research on the presence of racism in nowadays justice system. Give the statistics and support the claims with examples.
  59.  Criminal justice and social anthropology
  60.  Social control and mass incarceration 
  61.  White-collar crimes and the consequences of them
  62.  Criminal justice and social cohesion 
  63.  Abandoned peoples and social ecology 
  64.  Criminal justice and social disorder 
  65.  Criminal justice and social engineering 
  66.  Mind control and guilt society 
  67.  Released criminals and the integration of them into the USA society
  68.  Criminal justice and social institutions 
  69.  African American Legislative Apartheid
  70.  Racial Prejudice Among Prisoners in America
  71.  Famous African American Prisoners
  72.  The topic of Punishment & Slavery History
  73.  Gender Bias in Eyewitnesses
  74.  Discrimination in Negotiation Processes
  75.  Immigrants & Crime Rate Rise
  76.  Racial Conflicts in College Campuses
  77.  Rap Music & Cause-and-Effect Behavior
  78.  Fashion Culture & Police Officers
  79.  Is the restorative justice model the best criminal justice tool?
  80.  Punishment vs. reform. Which one gives more benefits?
  81.  Is the insanity a reason for the exemption from the liability?
  82.  War on drugs. Does it assist to solve the drug issue?
  83.  Should colleges and high schools develop school-based drug testing?
  84.  Should the specific juvenile justice system be reduced?
  85.  Is pornography the type of sexual violence?
  86.  What should not and should be allowed for better gun control?
  87.  Is there racism in today’s justice system?
  88.  Has the real Jack the Ripper been found?
  89.  The reduction of crime and a zero-tolerance policy. Write about their pros and cons, and relate it to the crime reduction
  90.  Sexual exploitation and abuse that was committed by United Nations peacekeepers. Include the data and narratives for the particular investigation.
  91.  Human, arms, and drug trafficking. Another kind of case study.
  92.  Gun control and gun violence prevention. A certain case study
  93.  Study the relationship between political corruption and organized crime. A legal perspective
  94.  Criminal justice reforms. Investigate the country’s criminal justice system, define its flaws and then enumerate the ways you are able to reform it.
  95.  People with mental health illnesses in criminal justice. Cite the legal cases as examples.
  96.  Incarcerated parents and child support. You have an option to concentrate on single parents.
  97.  Effectiveness and efficiency of the criminal justice system. Take into consideration this as a critique of the criminal justice system of the country you live in.
  98. Juvenile detention reforms. Being a student, what if the changes would you implement in the juvenile detention systems?
  99. History of the county jails
  100. Fair treatment for the women in jails
  101. Prison System in the UK and the USA 
  102. Jails throughout American history
  103. Decongest prisons vs. restrictive housing 
  104. Prisons crowding: The essential specifics
  105. Abuse and addiction: The women in prison
  106. Imprisonment of the women
  107. Health care in the prisons
  108. Economics of criminal justice
  109. Is it Possible to Remain Neutral in Mental Disorder Causes?
  110. False Confessions Assessment
  111. The Cyberstalking Legislation
  112. Double Jeopardy of Alternate Investigation Methods
  113. The Witnesses Programs
  114. Jailhouse Informants Limits
  115. The National Security Laws
  116. Sensitive Data Protection
  117. 19th Century Legislation Theme
  118. Methods of Animal Cruelty Punishment 
  119. Is the extradition law good?
  120. Effectiveness and fairness of the use of the death penalty to deter the crime
  121. Is the cooperation with the prison informants appropriate?
  122. Are trickery and deceit proper for the interrogations and investigations?
  123. Are supermax prisons efficient or just cruel?
  124. Must a death penalty be utilized for juveniles?
  125. Should the drunk drivers be provided with a more severe punishment?
  126. Are there valid reasons for the police shootings?
  127. Is the zero tolerance the most appropriate policy for the reduction of the crime?
  128. How can marijuana decriminalization influence business, medicine, and social events?
  129. Cases of fraud in the scientific field. Simple— investigate a few cases and then try to define the common ground between each of them.
  130. Motivations and causes for world terrorism? Make sure to state how terrorism could be the instrument for the global conflict.
  131. Art crimes like antiquities trafficking or art theft. Select any of the art crime and then elaborate on it.
  132. Define the relationship between identity theft and social media.
  133. Killing someone and drunk driving. Include the penalties and criminal charges.
  134. Racial profiling in the USA. You are able to state the reason why it is a violation of human rights.
  135. Comprehensive research on female and male serial killers. You can select to concentrate on either female or male serial killers… or both.
  136. Cyber Criminology. Explore this topic, mentioning its significance today.
  137. How is the domestic abuse being portrayed in the mass media? Do not hesitate to critique the possible way mass media is depicting domestic abuse. 
  138. Criminal behavior and child maltreatment: Does the maltreated child influence him or her to break the law?


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